Sanju will do his own stunts

In Sanjay Dutt's next film, 'Policegiri' he will be seen doing all the stunts himself. During the early 90's, Sanjay was a youth icon who made working-out and having an exercise regimen popular. Now, more than two decades down the line, the actor will go back to his roots by doing all the stunts himself in producer TP Aggarwal's next film based on hit Tamil remake 'Samay'. Apparently Sanjay wants to experience the action and has even requested producer TP Aggarwal not to hire a body double for him. Sanju feels that hiring a body double covers up what actors can't do. He says, "But, I wanted to take a leap and perform the stunts myself to actually feel the state of mind and the adrenaline rush that stuntmen feel. These stunts are physically and mentally challenging and I am ready to take the plunge. Of course, you also need to be mentally prepared for any mishap that may occur." Aggarwal says that Sanju has really worked hard on his physique for the film. "Even before we planned to rope in a body double for some of the more serious action stunts, Sanjay firmly said that he would want to execute them himself," said the producer. Since Sanju would have to perform high end stunts like ground-to-air jumping and gravity-defying moves the makers were quite skeptical about sanju doing his own stunts. "They are scripted to take place at an open ground and not on a set. But not even once did Sanjay show distress and willingly agreed to shoot," added Aggarwal. Sanjay will be seen playing the role of a tough cop with a funny side in Policegiri. The film also stars Prachi Desai, who plays the role of a typical girl next door. The film is currently being shot in Hyderabad and is likely to release later this year.

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