Sanju pleads for more time

Actor Sanjay Dutt, who was supposed to surrender on or before April 18, has now moved to the Supreme Court requesting for a few more weeks before he is sent to jail. His case has now been scheduled to be heard on Tuesday. Apparently, the actor wants to complete all his film projects before he goes to jail. Dutt has been shooting for Raju Hirani's P.K. in Mumbai and simultaneously dubbing for T P Agarwal's Policegiri. He also has his hands full with Karan Johar's Unglee, which he had planned to complete this week. Last month Dutt explained that he will surrender before the authorities as per the Supreme Court's direction, and added that he would not be seeking a pardon. “I will surrender within the time frame set by the Supreme Court. I have the highest respect for the SC and will abide by the law. I have a lot of work to finish. Just want to spend this time with my family and finish my work," he had said.

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