Sanjay completes 1 month in prison

Actor Sanjay Dutt has completed one month in Yerawada jail. The actor, who was given extra facilities for a month, will now start living in the most basic condition. He won't be provided with a mattress for sleeping, home cooked food or a fan in the cell any more.
Sanju's family members are allowed to meet him twice in a month. Sanjay's wife Manyata, who recently visited Sanju, informed the others that he is getting paid for the paper bags that he is making in the prison.

Bunty Walia who is very close to Sanju's family says, "Sanju has always been a fighter. We are both from The Lawrence School, Sanawar. The motto of the school is 'Never give in!' Though boarding school is not as tough as jail but they also have strict rules and regulations and Sanju will be able to go through this ordeal as he's a true Sanwarian."
He further adds, "Sanju is like an elder brother to me. We would spend so much time together on his sets or at his home. Now when I go to his home, I feel a vacuum."

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