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Salman's mom weeps after he gets 5 years imprisonment!

Salman Khan has been found guilty in the 2002 hit and run case and will spend 5 years in jail. We give you a blow by blow account of what transpired in the courtroom.
When Salman was called into the witness box the judge told him that he was driving and under the influence of alcohol and could face 10 years imprisonment.
When the judge asked Salman if he has anything to say, Salman only nodded his head and looked very sad. His body language revealed that he was very low and he was continuously perspiring. The court was packed with people including his fans.
His family members left 15 minutes after the verdict was announced but his sister Arpita stayed back with Salman and both, the prosecution and defense were debating on the quantum of his sentence.
Salma khan started weeping and lost consciousness and Alvira too started crying.

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