Salman's hit & run case

Mumbai session court will give its verdict today on actor Salman Khan's hit & run case, under the strict charges of culpable homicide not amounting to murder (section 304 part II IPC). The judge UB Hejib who is incharge of this case will give the final result on the actor's case.
The magistrate Ashok Mundargi has failed to approve the actor innocent. The actor neither had any intention to kill the people or nor his knowledge that his negligent driving would kill or injury a person.
The actor might be imprisoned for 10 years. Salman was earlier charged a minimum imprisonment for two years of causing death by negligence. Khan’s lawyer has filed a written submission on the appeal.
Prosecutor Shankar Erande who is opposing Salman's appeal cleared that witness Ravindra Patil had warned the actor not to drive rashly as it would cause a mishap, but the actor didn't pay any attention to it.
Whereas Shankar Erande also submitted a report stating that Salman was drunk and his blood sample showed that he had consumed 60mg alcohol that was beyond the limit.

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