Salman's biggest song ever!

He is infamous for landing up late on sets and not giving proper dates to his producers. But all that is in the past. Salman Khan is now a changed man and this can be proved by his dedication for his next film Mental, which is currently being shot in Lavasa.

A source who is working on the film revealed exclusively to Biscoot, “This is Salman’s biggest song till date! It has around 50 boys and 50 girls who will be dancing with him. Remo is choreographing the song and it has the potential to become a huge blockbuster.”

However, it isn’t the number of extras dancing in the song that is impressive, but Salman’s utmost dedication to get the steps perfect. Our source adds, “Salman has been attending dance rehearsals on a regular basis. He doesn’t want to goof up on final take. Usually, he lands up on the set and takes cues from his choreographer, but with this song he is going all out to make sure it is a huge hit.”

An eyewitness who has been part of the rehearsals says, “He is matching each step of Remo and everyone is super impressed with him. When the song comes out it will definitely be a talking point and will end up impressing every one.

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