Salman's alcohol content in blood found high

Salman Khan who was present for a court hearing on Wednesday was in for a shock.
A chemical analysis expert testified that the alcohol content in Salman Khan's blood was found to be higher than the permissible limit in the infamous 2002 hit and run case.
The tolerable level of alcohol content in the blood is 30 mg, whereas Salman's blood contained 62 mg, the expert told the court based on the reports.
Advocate Abha Singh reported: "Today, Salman's blood sample reports were presented in the court and as per his reports, his alcohol level in 100 ml blood was found to be 62 mg.
"Any amount of alcohol found in blood is enough for an offense if you are found driving. I think the judge will soon pass an order on that.
Besides, the RTO of Andheri office area had come (to the court) and the public prosecutor asked him whether the vehicle and its brake were in good condition."
The case will be wrapped up by December as it has been delayed a lot.

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