Salman walks out of his house!

Bollywood superstar Salman Khan and his family have left their illustrious Galaxy Apartments in Bandra. Sallu’s home for the last 4 decades is going through a few changes. The Khan family has shifted out of their house for a period of six months till the house gets renovated. However, even after the apartment is ready to use, Salman Khan doesn’t plan to stay there for long. This certainly is bad news for all Salman fans, who often gather around Galaxy Apartments for a mere glimpse of their godly star. The actor will stay at his residence only for another year. He will be shifting to another address after his new house gets constructed. Salman feels that Galaxy is getting cramped, with little place left for all his stuff to fit in. Nevertheless, now the question arises, how will Salman manage living without his mother? Is our Dabangg Khan getting too close to someone else as he shifts into an independent house? All this leaves us wondering if Sallu’s new residence is an indication of a development in his love life? Well, we hope that after a new address, more good news will follow!

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