Salman to go back to school!

With Jai Ho all set to release, Salman is all geared to promote is film everywhere. If reports are to be believed, the Jai Ho actor is all set to revisit his school during the promotional rounds of his film.

According to a source, Salman has insisted that his marketing team includes Gwalior in the list of cities he is touring, so he can revisit his school. Talking on the same a source says, "It has apparently been a while since Salman visited his school, and, the source says that he's looking forward to meeting the current batch of students. Salman's film is believed to have a message of helping people in need, so he wanted to spread the word in his school as well. Salman is known to be fond of children. So he wants to talk to the students and inspire them to help people in need as well"

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