Salman says he won't misuse films

Superstar Salman Khan doesn't want to mix his NGO Being Human with his commercial work and clarified that the costumes in his movies will not be containing the name of the brand. "Our designers will design the clothes and those clothes will be included in our collection. But we will not be branding it in movies," he said at the launch of the first flagship store of "Being Human". "Now characters like Radhe and Chulbul Pandey cannot be seen wearing a Being Human T-shirt," added the 47-year-old who formed the charitable trust Being Human. The film industry people often donate to the foundation. But Salman says he has put such a mechanism in place that they don't have to ask for charity from anyone. "Sanju (Sanjay Dutt), Karan (Johar) and many people have donated to the foundation. But we have made the model such that we don't have to ask for money from anyone," he said and added: "Everyone should start charitable work like this and competition should happen here. We must take it to a different level."

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