Salman leads the way

Today is Salman Khan's birthday and his fans are thinking of innovating ways of celebrating the big day. Irrespective of all controversies, the superstar has reigned over Bollywood through all these years in his unique style.

Salman has been a leader, be it in setting trends, to being the epitome of machismo for his fans. He has been the godfather of many Bollywood stars we know today. On the occasion of his birthday, brother in law film-maker Atul Agnihotri says, "Salman's a true great hero! It's his integrity and attitude in life that causes mass hysteria. People always talk about him in a good way, with a sort of personal touch. I've seen that myself during the shoot of 10 Ka Dum. That was a candid interactive platform and it was amazing the way he was with people. It's just him. It's about just being Salman Khan".

Atul further says, "He's had a long relationship of 20 years with the audiences and he's worked hard to build this sort of stardom. He's truly an inspiring person to work for. Birthdays are special and on this day, he doesn't need our advice. He leads the way".

Well said Atul! We wish the Dabangg 2 star a very happy birthday too!

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