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Salman ditches Bajrangi Bhaijaan shooting for his dog!

Bollywood's megastar Salman Khan may look tough on the outside but we all know that he is a sweet and soft side to him too. Apart from actively participating in his charity Being Human, Mr. Khan has also been an animal lover from the start. We recently got a glimpse of the actor's loving nature towards his best friend, his dog Sandy.

Salman was shooting in Rajasthan for his upcoming movie Bajrangi Bhaijaan when he heard that his dear pet was unwell. The star left everything behind and immediately caught a flight to Mumbai to be with his dog. After overseeing that Sandy is being treated properly, Salman stayed by his side until the time he was assured that his dog was doing fine. The Dabangg Khan went back to his shooting only when he saw that his pet Sandy was better.

Now, isn't this a rather sweet example of Salman's kind-heartedness!

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