Salman defends Katrina's bikini pics

A few weeks back, Salman Khan apparently lost his cool and snapped at a reporter for asking him about his ex-girlfriend Katrina Kaif. Looks like since then Salman had a change of heart, especially if his latest comments about Kat are anything to go by. Salman not only commented on Katrina's infamous bikini pics with boyfriend Ranbir Kapoor, he went on to support her as well! We wonder if that had something to do with Katrina attending Salman's Ganpati celebrations.
In an interview with a channel, Dabangg Khan controlled his anger and politely told the reporter that if private photos of someone close to you come out in open, how would you feel?
He further added saying, "Kissi ki personal life ko aise expose karna thik nai hai. Personal or private life ke pictures achcha nai hai ke dunya ke saamne dikhayen. Ye bahut hi ghatiya baat hoti hai."
Salman also approved Katrina Kaif's letter to the media, saying that the letter was intelligently written.
Well Katrina point to be noted, your ex still stands up to defend your honour!

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