Sallu, Sanju docu-drama in CBFC trouble

Writer Muazzam Beg’s docu-drama teaser Munna Bhai Sallu Bhai - Killers or Healers has run into trouble with the Censor Board.
Reportedly, the makers had plans to release a 10 minute teaser of docu-drama based on Salman Khan and Sanjay Dutt in Mumbai, Delhi and Saharanpur (UP). But it has been learnt that the censor board has stalled the teaser release in Mumbai’s Gaiety Galaxy (Bandra).
"In Delhi and Saharanpur, we did private screenings, so it went off smoothly. In Mumbai, we were planning to launch it at Gaiety, but for that, we need a censor certificate as it comes under public viewing," says writer-director Muazzam Beg.
Muazzam, who is sponsoring the film from his own kitty will be making the film under ‘Indian Film Fraternity.’ His newly formed NGO had plans to release the teaser on Friday, but now that seems highly impossible owing to such a short notice. "We might just need to postpone the whole plan or find an alternative," adds Muazzam.
He is also planning to put up the teaser on the social network platform, to determine public response.
"We will upload it on YouTube so that we can track public reaction to the film," he signs off.
The movie will portray the real life of Sanjay Dutt and Salman Khan. Both the actors have been fighting legal battles for a long time with the former being sentenced to four years in prison and it will also take into account their ‘social, psychological and economical life.

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