Sajid-Sajid patch-up!

Recently, the industry was abuzz with the apparent fallout between buddies - producer Sajid Nadiadwala and director Sajid Khan. But, a little birdie informs us, that the Sajid’s have apparently patched up now. An insider says, “Last week an emotional Khan dropped into Nadiadwala’s office and met him. He wasn’t comfortable with people discussing their issues and enjoying the drama at their expense. For him Nadiad (as he is fondly called) is dear and special friend and he wanted to clear the air. Khan is known to be an emotional guy under that tough exterior, and he follows his heart. He felt like meeting Sajid, and he just walked into his office and gave him a big hug (a big star was having a meeting with the producer at that time) and the two had an emotional re-union.” When Khan was contacted he confirmed the news but denied to discuss about the topic any further. A close friend of Nadiadwala says, “He loves Khan, and when people were talking about their professional split, he was telling his friends that they could never be mad at each other or have a misunderstanding because their bond is too strong. Things go wrong between the best of friends, and when there is love between friends, problems don’t last.” Hope we get to see this friendship blossom as time goes by.

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