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Rishi supports Deepika's controversial video, My Choice!

Deepika Padukone has been facing flak for her 'My Choice' video the theme of which is centered around women empowerment. The actress, who has touched upon taboo issues in the video, has upset a lot of people and those who liked it are in the minority, at least on social networking sites.
Rishi Kapoor, who kept quiet for 24 hours on Tuesday evening, tweeted, "Just been hearing debates on Homi's film on 'My Choice'. Good effort to make a change. Why debate it. Achchi baat hai usse encourage karo." Rishi Kapoor, however, very smartly kept out Deepika from his tweet. Does that have anything to do with the fact that he could upset his son Ranbir Kapoor’s current girlfriend Katrina Kaif?

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