RGV makes two minute film on Jiah Khan

Ram Gopal Verma, who gave Jiah Khan her Bollywood break opposite Amitabh Bachchan, was seen missing from the condolence meet held by Jiah's family on Saturday.
Instead he made a two minute film as a tribute to Jiah Khan, titled 'The Reel & The Reality of Jiah'. The film was gifted by RGV to her mother and sisters, who were touched by Ramu’s gesture.
The filmmakers say, "Ironically her character in the film feels life should be taken lightly. This advice Jiah couldn't follow in her own life." Still shaken Ramu says, "I couldn't bring myself to attend any memorial for Jiah. For me she will always be alive. I decided to put together this tribute. When I was looking at her in Nishabd again I was struck by how spontaneous she was onscreen and not the least intimidated by Mr Bachchan! I can't believe she is gone."
Ramu further adds, "I should've worked with her again. But we had both set such high standards for each other in Nishabd. I couldn’t come up with a role to equal that one for Jiah."

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