Revealed: Eating habits of Bollywood celebs

Farah Khan recently revealed the eating habits of her Happy New Year cast. The choreographer turned director said that Deepika, who has an hour glass figure eats every thing from pasta to Chinese to chicken, unlike other actresses. She said, "I am really shocked with Deepika; she eats every damn thing, right from pasta to Chinese to chicken. She eats whatever she craves for. It is surprising that she is so slim and trim."

Well we aren't surprised since Dippy's co-star Shah Rukh Khan had earlier revealed how Dippy eats like an elephant! About SRK, Farah said, "He mostly eats tandoori chicken. His food comes from home. Shah Rukh basically survives on chicken."
Abhishek Bachchan, meanwhile, is the smartest of the lot, Farah added, "He brings salad from home and then eats from everyone else's tiffin." And Sonu Sood apparently doesn't eat anything but salad. "For Sonu, its always salad, salad and salad… for breakfast, lunch and dinner. Apart from salad I have never seen him eat or relish anything else," said Farah.

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