Remembering Jiah Khan

You are honest, benevolent, brilliant and often inventive, full of high inspirations. You are courageous, honest, determined, original and creative. You are a leader, especially for a cause.  That is what the word JIAH speaks about. Ironic isn't it! I got in touch with Nafisa last year some time during October through a friend.I had an Event in Pune and asked her to come down for it as a Celebrity.For me Nafisa was a B Town Starlet with a few films in her kitty.   Did not know her personally then. She had already checked in at a 5 Star and my team of Editorial Photographers were waiting for me to arrive as they had to interview her. While at the lobby i noticed a petite but extremely stunning looking Nafisa. We got in a conversation about the Event while the Photographers kept themselves engaged in capturing her.   At first she seemed a bit quiet, reserved and was in a hurry to reach the Event. Just 1 hour journey in the car and i realized shes not just stunning, but extremely professional, dedicated, full of life and a completely well mannered girl. The sparkle in her eyes and the poised body language spoke more about her than her sweet Brit accent. She was a Star at the Event, polite and did not have any qualms about a thousand people getting pictured with her.   She would chuckle like a little girl when the crowd started staring into her car all exited and eager to meet her.Over the next few months i got in touch with her for various Events And each time, she seemed happier in her life. I realized that she was nothing like a regular B Town Actor. I always knew she would make it big.The potential, stardom, enthusiasm, fearlessness and the strong face would have taken her places.   In fact just 15 days ago i got in touch with her since a leading shoe company wanted her to launch their store in Chennai. That was the last time i ever got in touch with her.And sadly, it will always remain the last.

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