Ranbir excluded from Kartina starrer Rajneeti 2!

Bollywood director/producer Prakash Jha gave the industry a political satire flick 'Rajneeti' starring Ranbir Kapoor, Katrina Kaif and Arjun Rampal, in the year 2010. Also known to all is the fact that the filmmaker is planning to roll the sequel of the film soon.
The latest buzz in town is that the sequel will mainly revolve around Katrina's character Indu Pratap Singh and will continue to be the center of the plot. However Ranbir's character Samar Pratap Singh, will be completed excluded from this movie. A closed source revealed that "In the 2010 film, Ranbir Kapoor's character Samar Pratap Singh, leaves India after a messy succession battle which ends with the sad demise of his partner, will part ways from politics. The climax of 'Rajneeti' showed that Indu was pregnant with the baby of her deceased husband Prithviraj Pratap Singh. The sequel will focus on Indu's journey. Since the original movie borrowed its plot from that phase of Sonia Gandhi's life where she entered into politics, the second film will look at the recent power shift in the country."
Katrina, who is now busy shooting for  Abhishek Kapoor's 'Fitoor', will start shooting for this movie by the year end.

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