Ram-leela trailer gets 5.9 million hits!

Bollywood's much awaited movie of the year Ram-leela gets 5.9 million hits. Its tagged among the favourite trailers. The vibrant colours, energy and sizzling chemistry between the lead pair Ranveer Singh and Deepika Padukone has caught many eyeballs.
Even B-town has gone crazy over the trailer. Amitabh and Farah are totally bowled over the first look of Ram-leela. Amitabh Bachchan said on a social networking site, "Saw trailer of Ramleela...stunning! The colours, the passion, the Deepika...!!"
Sanjay said, "It's the best trailer I have ever made amongst my films. It got a response that I have not even seen after my movies have released."
"This time, I have got response from all kinds of people, but I don't know what is working. Whether it's the colour or the scale or the dance or the action or just the fact that they did not expect this pace from me, I have not seen a connect like this from day one.
The trailer captures the essence of the film and is most important as in one minute, you know whether there is something right or not. The audience is intelligent and smells the success of a film, seeing the trailer." Listen to the song at http://bajao.biscoot.com

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