Ram-leela music review part 3

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As the name suggests it is a traditional folk composition sung by Aditi Paul and Osman Mir. For those unfamiliar with such compositions will be in for a pleasant surprise. Even though the lyrics are in a regional language the melody is so strong and the singing so beautiful that you get drawn to the song immediately. It would be interesting to see how this track plays up on screen in the film.
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Shreya Ghoshal is the shortest track on the album length wise, but it stays with you for long. As Shreya sings the "kuch toh hua" line you can't help but sing along! Again use of live instruments plays an important part throughout the album. Bhansali has kept a uniform tone and feel to each composition. You won't hear many synth, digital sounds, the focus is on live traditional sounds using instruments from the region. The result is a warm, honey laced tune that is pure music to the years.
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Ram Leela closes with a bang! Ranveer's introductory song Tattad Tattad sung by Aditya Narayan is extremely catchy thanks to its chorus and the addictive beat. Aditya resonates the same youthful charisma and energy Ranveer is famous for. We have already seen the teaser of the song and can't stop gush over how amazingly it's shot. Tattad Tattad is the perfect celebratory way to end this album.

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