Ram-leela music review part 2

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This one is a passionate love song, where the background music in between the verses makes it stand out from the rest of the tracks. Shail Hada who is a permanent fix on this album returns to deliver a powerful rendition of a song that has shades of pain and passion in it. Any one who has dealt with love and longing will relate to it.
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The first real up tempo song from the album which will have you tap your feet with the opening dhol beats.  Extremely catchy it is an amazing blend of traditional sounds with current contemporary beats. Deepika looks like a million bucks and dances like a gazelle so swift on her feet in this energetic garba song. Shreya Ghoshal is in top form.
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My absolute favourite from the album!  Arijit Singh proves why he's one of the most sought after singers in the industry. Goose bump inducing from the very first note, it is almost a spiritual experience listening to this song.  Laal Ishq, is a classical composition that will stay with you for days and weeks after you hear it.  The high notes, the layering of vocals and the out of the world climax make this song a melodic gem. This one will be on constant repeat for days to come!
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Aditya Narayan does a playful, fun, energetic of this flirty song where Ranveer compares his love for Deepika to shooting bullets from a gun! The lyrics are written keeping the mood of the song and situation in mind. Every film has that one song where the hero tries to woo the heroine, this is that track with a genius lyrical twist.

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