Rajnikanth goes on hunger strike

Tamil superstar Rajnikanth joined in on the protest against the government on the imposition of service tax on actors. Leading actors, directors, theatre owners and others from the industry have protested by going on a hunger strike. Rajni too insisted that the tax be eliminated. Some sections of the industry like producers, distributers and exhibitors have already been excused from paying the service tax. However other artists, choreographers and actors are still expected to pay 12.36 percent as service tax. Commenting on the situation Rajnikanth said, "The government is coming out with several schemes to bring out black money. If taxes are increased, then black money would flourish. There should be strong law to punish tax evaders." The president of South Indian Film Artists Association shared a similar opinion which he voiced on a news channel, "There is a common perception that film actors are affluent and lead a well-off life but that may not be the case.

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