Race 2 nowhere

Subha Shetty-Saha,  We all know by now that hot bods with stylish clothes and cool attitudes can get away with murder, especially if fitted in and around a good thriller. The director duo, Abbas Mastan obviously know that better.  And have been successfully dishing out the formula for years. However, when the hot gets too hot to handle and cool becomes repetitive, you want to get out of the forced awesomeness and want to hang on to even a thread of storyline in the film. Unfortunately that thread in Race 2 is a pathetically tattered one, threatening to break it into million pieces at any given excuse. For such a modern looking film, the dialogues are unbelievably archaic, the story line is thakela and well, the mystery is non-existent. Ranveer (Saif Ali Khan), is seeking revenge for his wife (Bipasha)’s murder and in the process ends up befriending Armaan (John Abraham), his step-sister Illeana (Deepika Padukone) and his girlfriend (Jacqueline Fernandez). And all of these people, while busy looking cool and strutting from one point to another with the aid of a bombastic background music, that could even make a snake slither more stylishly, also have mean streaks in them. Money is God for Armaan and in the process of acquiring more and more of it, he gets more and more ruthless. Ranveer impresses him, the sister and the girlfriend, with some ‘smart’ moves, which even an actually cool seven-year-old child can predict and might react with a yawn.  The biggest player of the movie, Armaan is also the dumbest, but obviously Abbas-Mastan want you to think otherwise. Obviously in the world of Race 2, if you are hot and wear stylish clothes, that automatically makes you a mean, smart machine. Some of Armaan’s cunning moves made me breathless, no, not with amazement but in a bid to stifle my laughter.   Action sequences actually manage to take your breath away, especially a chase scene that involves Saif Ali Khan, but then that’s about it. John Abraham’s much publcised boxing scene falls flat as there seems no logic to back it (that is if you still searching for logic in this one.)  Anil Kapoor plays the corrupt man (from the prequel), who devours fruits and this time has dumb, Cherry (Amisha Patel) as his girl Friday. The couple is supposed to provide the comic relief in the otherwise fast and furious happenings around them, but what they really have is an obscene gag fest.  Most lines shared between them are unbelievably vulgar and direct. “Cherry, I don’t have time to pop your cherry” is just a mild example.   Saif Ali Khan, Deepika Padukone, John Abraham and Jacqueline Fernandez  make for a fantastic looking gang of four. Saif is good as usual, in fact tries making some of the silliest scenes look convincing. Both Deepika and Jacqueline manage decent performances, John is pure wood in most scenes. Race 2 can be explained in two lines that Anil Kapoor’s character tells his secretary, “Tumhare paas aage bhi peeche bhi bahut kuch hai…bas oopar kuch nahi diya hai.”

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