Raanjhana's cast beats the chill

Celebrating Holi in Christmas sounds quite strange but the crew of the film “Raanjhana” shot a holi scene on Saturday in Banaras. The scene was shot in Gola Ghat.
This scene involved actors Dhanush and Swara Bhaskara. Both of them had to step in a pool of muddy water with colour being thrown on them, to show a typical Banarasi Holi. Director Anand L Rai says, "It suddenly turned very cold the day we landed here but we have the schedule to complete".
After every shot everybody on the set was served hot cup of tea to help them stop shivering and continue the scene.
Swara was shivering in a wet sari and was quickly draped in a shawl as soon as the scene was completed. Dhanush was in no better condition either as he was wearing a flimsy shirt and he sat in a pool of hot water to get over the chilly conditions.
Things got worse when Dhanush was to take his shirt off to go with the scene, but he continued without any complaint.
The film also stars Sonam Kapoor, who is expected to join the unit shortly. Raanjhana is slated to release in mid 2013.

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