Priyanka takes a U-turn

Priyanka Chopra has finally decided to look into the whole matter involving her assistant Jiban Patra’s dead body.  After the initial outrage on Chopra being ignorant, it seems now that her office is working on getting Jiban's body back to India. Media reports have clearly affected Chopra, since now the actor has even delayed her return to India. She wants to personally ensure that everything is in place for Patra's remains to be taken back to India.   A spokesperson of the actor confirmed, “This is a very unfortunate and unexpected situation. Our deepest condolences go out to Patra's family. Our aim throughout was to ensure that Patra remains were brought back to his family at the very earliest.''   The spokesperson further adds, “Owing to the situation that this occurred in a foreign country, where no family member was present, there was multiple levels of paperwork and processes that had to be followed to ensure that the matter was handled effectively and in a timely manner. Owing to some delays in paperwork from the family's end, the repatriation of the body was delayed.''   A source close to the actor also says that she has been in constant touch with the family. “All details and financial requirements related to the repatriation was and is being handled directly by Priyanka and her team in LA. We are making all efforts to ensure his family's needs are taken care of at this unfortunate time,'' reveals the spokesperson.

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