Priyanka avoids SRK?

Rumours about Shah Rukh Khan and Priyanka Chopra's alleged affair might have died down. But that didn't stop gossip mongers from drawing their own conclusions on Sunday night at the Hello! Awards. Those expecting some sort of face-off between SRK and PC were left disappointed, as the latter left the venue much before King Khan walked in!

A source who attended the bash reveals, "Every one expected Shah Rukh and Priyanka to indulge in some kind of interaction. But they were dissapointed. PC made sure there was no awkwardness or a chance for a photo opportunity between the two of them.  Her managers made sure she was out of the event before the paparazzi could click the two of them in the same frame."

Buzz is that this entire episode was well orchestrated to avoid any sort of confrontation. We wonder if the two are "just good friends", then why avoid each other?

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