Pressure from fans force YRF to continue with DDLJ!

Just after it was announced that the iconic film, Dilwale Dulhania Le Jayenge was being pulled out from Maratha Mandir, after a historic run of 1009 weeks, fans expressed their displeasure on the same. YRF, however reconsidered their decision and in an official statement decided to continue the screening of the film at 11.30 AM once again.
Following is their official statement:

The sudden announcement of Dilwale Dulhania Le Jayenge being pulled out from Maratha Mandir at the end of 1009 unprecedented weeks resulted in a spontaneous and an overwhelming outcry from the cinema going audience, as well as dedicated fans of the movie, expressing their shock and disappointment.

Ever since this news went out, the Maratha Mandir management was flooded with requests to reinstate the movie based on which they decided to immediately reconsider their decision. Given this, it has been mutually decided to continue the screening in the same 11:30 AM morning show - without breaking the uninterrupted run of the movie!

This only strengthens the unconditional love of all DDLJ fans over generations. We are very happy to announce that Raj & Simran will continue to draw audiences and reinforce the timeless romance the movie has embodied over the last two decades.

 What better way to celebrate this announcement than revisiting DDLJ at the Maratha Mandir with your loved ones and, as the tag line says, “Come fall in love…” again & again! We would like to say a Thank You to Maratha Mandir for listening to our fans.

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