Prem Adda Controversy Resolved

Karnataka Film Chamber of Commerce intervened to resolve the controversy behind the Prem Adda title. Producer B.K Sreenivas protested against the use of the word 'Adda', as he had already registered that word and petitioned the KFCC against issuing it for Prem Adda. The issue at hand was discussed in a meeting on Tuesday evening. Producer B.K.Sreenivas, producer Mekha Murali Krishna, director Mahesh Babu and actor Prem were present at the meeting. The producer of the film Prem Adda, Mekha Murali insisted that he wouldn't release the film until the title wasn't approved by the KFCC. The president of KFCC convinced B.K.Sreenivas to withdraw his allegation on the title and transfer it to the producers of Prem Adda. With some assistance of senior members of the chamber this decision was finally concluded. B.K.Sreenivas will now make a film titled 'Dove', since Prem had to transfer the rights to him. The film that is slated to release on December 7th has a fantastic star cast. Prem, Kriti Kharbanda and Murali Krishna are the main characters of the film. The music director Hari Krishna has already got amazing reviews of his compositions. Three songs in the film have generated a buzz among the public making them extremely popular.

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