Preity to turn politician?

Actress-turned-producer Preity Zinta, who is busy promoting her first production venture 'Ishkq in Paris', is upset with the state of the nation.
Preity said, "Of late, I have been thinking that I will join politics because it's so sad what is happening to our country."

Recently on a television show, she also sketched herself as a politician.
The actress also said, "I will be a very glamorous politician. I will have nice hair, nice clothes, and I will not be corrupt. But I think it's important we start thinking about our country also because it's really sad what is happening to our country. How much do you genuinely need to eat? 'Khaane ke liye aap biscuit hi khaate ho, gold biscuit to nahi khaate ho'. So, survival is limited to one point. How much more do you want?"

Whereas the actress very smartly also distinguished between the good & corrupt politician by saying, "People like me don't have to get into a political future, because there are good people. There are lots of good politicians. Don't get me wrong, but they are eclipsed by all the corruption. And the only way to make India shine is if all this stops. Because who is the one that is always the man on the street and that breaks my heart."

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