Preity creates ruckus at the airport

B-Town's dimpled babe Preity Zinta, recently created a ruckus at Sardar Vallabhbhai Patel Airport (Ahmedabad), after she was denied permission to board the flight for arriving late.

Preity, who is usually polite and well spoken just lost her cool and got into a heated argument with the Air India staff members.

The actress, who was in Ahmedabad for the promotion of her upcoming film Ishkq In Paris, had to catch the Ahmedabad-Mumbai flight scheduled for 9.45 pm.

However, she reached after the Air India aircraft had closed its doors and was about to take off.

Like any other passenger, she was denied permission to board the flight as she had arrived extremely late.

An airport official said, "Air India station manager refused to allow her to board the flight for being late."

According to an eye witness, Priety Zinta failed to control her anger and was very aggressive. She created such a big scene that the security officials had to get involved.

Sources also reveal that she had to spend the night at the airport, waiting for the 4am flight.  

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