Prakash Jha files FIR

Prakash Jha was in shock when he was informed of an unidentified man posing as his son, has managed to cheat several people in Kolkata.
While Police has been in search of this person, Prakash has also taken legal steps in Patna. The unidentified person managed to rope in sponsors for an event in the capital city.
An official from the production house states, "It is a strange and bizarre incident. The person has even claimed that Jha is planning to advance the dates of the release owing to his mother's ill health. The director's mother actually passed away two decades ago. He has also been using letterheads in the name of Jha's TV channel to generate funds and advertisement."
A source further adds, "The note also informed the invited folk the director's intent to launch his TV channel."
The Police have traced the imposter's name, and revealed that it belongs to a certain Satish Kumar from Kolkata.

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