Pooja Bhatt gets threatening calls

Actress turned film-maker Pooja Bhatt was receiving threatening calls from some stranger last night. Irked by this, Pooja informed the police helpline number 100, about the harrassment. Last night at midnight she tweeted, "Have been getting threatening/obscene calls from +91830898****. The male voice, obviously inebriated abused me & threatened to come over." (sic) She also tweeted that when she called up police on their helpline number for help a lady responded rudely and suggested that she should go to a police station. She expressed her agitation on the social networking platform. "When I explained that it is close to 1am & I could not possibly be expected to go to the police station alone, she got extremely brusque. I reminded the 'voice' that responded to 100 that she represented a 'help-line' & should use the right tone. That agitated her further," she tweeted. Pooja also said that she is concerned about other women, who might not be as bold as her. "I know today that more women being present in a police station will achieve nothing. If this can happen to me, what will happen to the meek?," she tweeted. Pooja's father, film maker Mahesh Bhatt also joined in and said that he has also received calls from same number.

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