Police find Jiah's suicide note?

Jiah's suicide case investigation has made an interesting turn. Her family members have discovered a six page note from her room. According to reports Jiah's mother and sister were going through her personal stuff and stumbled upon this note which cites few reasons that made her to end her life.

Jiah used to write poetry, so the family member felt it is one of it. But this note had few upsetting factors of her life mentioned. The note mentioned, 'By the time you'll read this note, I won't be in this world.'

The family informed the Police official about this. On the family's request the original copy is with them and the photo copy has been submitted to the police.

The note also says: 'You have cheated me... I trusted the relation... You didn't care about the relation.' 

According to Jiah's family members, the young actress was depressed with her relationship and was feeling cheated. A source reveals that she spent a lot of money during the relationship and allegedly went under a medical procedure in Goa, during her relationship.

The family were unaware of it and are trying get in touch with her friends to find out the hospital, where she went under the medical procedure.

Meanwhile, the police with the help of an expert will analyse whether the note was indeed written by Jiah or not.

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