Playing Smita Patil is an honour

Chitrangadha Singh has been often complemented about her similarities with legendary actress Smita Patil. The Inkaar actress says that it would be an honour to do a biopic on the critically acclaimed actress.

When asked about the biopic, the actress promptly replied, "I think it will be a big honour to play Smita in reel life. I would love to do a biopic on Smita Patil. I have never given it a thought, but now I feel it would be great to do so." She further added, "I would love to do a biopic. Biopics are really working very well these days. I would be more than happy to do one,” she said.

The actress considers it as a compliment when compared to Smita Patil. She says, "It is an added advantage for me. Many feel that my face resembles her. It feels really great when people are remind of a person, who is not there, through me.”

Smita Patil was known for her exceptional work in Bhumika, Shakti, Chakra, Arth and many other critically acclaimed movies in her brief but much admired career.

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