PIL filed in SC against Salman Khan's bail!

The Bombay High court suspended the 5 year sentence of Salman Khan in his ongoing hit and run case and granted him bail, pending his appeal against conviction. A PIL has been filed against the actor in the Supreme Court challenging the Bombay High Court's order to grant bail to the Bollywood superstar.

Yashwant Singh, a journalist who filed the PIL has alleged that Salman has been given preferential treatment which violates legal principles. When asked about the entire scenario, Justice Abhay Thipsay said, "He has been on bail for a long time and his liberty was not curtailed. Normally, in such cases, the appeal is admitted and an accused is granted bail." The actor was granted a 48-hour interim bail after the court's decision, after which he was set free against a fresh bail bond of Rs. 30000.

Currently the actor is in Kashmir to finish the shooting of his upcoming film 'Bajrangi Bhaijaan', which is directed by Kabir Khan.

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