Parineeti calls herself overweight!

These days Bollywood actresses confidently flaunt their bikini bods on magazine covers and the big screen. But there's one bold actress who isn't ready for it just yet.
Shuddh Desi Romance star Parineeti Chopra was recently asked if she would be comfortable wearing bikini for a film, to which the actress said, "If I have a hot body, then why not? But right now I don't have the right body. I am still overweight, so there's no way I can wear a bikini."
However, Parineeti is uninhibited as far as her work is concerned. She added, "I don't want to restrict myself. I don't know how long will I act, or may be the audience will get bored of me and then I will not be acting... so (as long as I'm in showbiz), I don't want to restrict myself."
Speaking on the subject of intimate scenes, she explained, "In Shuddh Desi Romance, Sushant has to be physically close with Vaani Kapoor and me for the conflict to happen. If a director says that let's put some kissing scenes for publicity, I will never do that. It's ridiculous."

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