Online Humiliation For Yami

After Neil Nitin Mukesh, Rajinikanth and Alok Nath, Twitteraties have now found a new target in Bollywood actress, Yami Gautam.
The microblogging site overflowed with jokes making fun of her Fair and Lovely ads.
Yami made her Bollywood debut with Vicky Donor and recently did a film with Ali Zafar titled, Total Siyapaa.
However, she came into the limelight when she became the face of the fairness cream brand.
But Yami got a taste of the other side of fame, when the same ads made her the butt of jokes on Twitter.

Here are some of the funny one liners doing the rounds:

There is new fairy tale in town - Yami Gautam and the seven dwarfs

We Indians do not discriminate on the basis of nationality, religion, caste & race especially blacks and Yami Gautam !

Yami Gautam is the writer of "Fifty Shades of White."

For Yami Gautam First she goes to the shop Then she buys Fair and Lovely Then she becomes gori Then she becomes more gori Then Sun feels shy

Yami Gautam is so white that even milk looks black in front of her.

Sunglasses were invented to protect your eyes from Yami Gautam.

NASA is sending Yami Gautam to the space to recharge all their solar cell panels up there.

During earth hour Yami Gautam was turned off to save light and electricity.

Director always says in the movie in which Yami Gautam is starring. Action, Yami Gautam, Camera.

Suddenly everyone wants to dig tunnels. Apparently somebody told them that there's Yami Gautam at the end of the tunnel.

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