Onir vs Tigmanshu: Shakespearean war

Bollywood film-maker Tigmanshu Dhulia and Onir have entered war zone over the immortal tragic Shakespearean play Hamlet. Recently when Tigmanshu revealed his idea of making a movie on the play with Hrithik in the lead, Onir got quite upset as he had announced a film titled 'Vedaa' based on the same play 3 years back.

Onir, who feels betrayed by his fellow film-maker Tigmanshu, says, "I've been working on Vedaa which is my take on Hamlet for three years." He is upset with the fact that the 'Sahib Biwi aur Gangster' director didn't consider contacting him before planning a film on the same play.

Onir says, "We know each other. And as a colleague and a fellow-filmmaker I'd at least expect him to speak to me about it. Reliance Entertainment has signed me to do Vedaa. Composer Mithoon has recorded three songs. My recce is done. I make my films with love and no power on earth can make me give up my dream. But I'd be very disappointed if Tigmanshu goes ahead with his own version of Hamlet. I plan to start shooting in August."

However, Tigmanshu feels that there can be many different interpretations of the Shakespearean classic. "I am most certainly doing Hamlet. I am more qualified to make a film on that play than anyone else. I've not only studied that play minutely, I also studied Hamlet at drama school under a very famous Shakespearean drama teacher. Hamlet is part of my being. As for Onir, why should he be upset? There are so many different plays and films based on so many of Shakespeare's works. All different from one another. That's the beauty of Shakespeare. His works open to infinite interpretations," Tigmanshu says in his defense.


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