OMG: Guess how Deepika made Ranveer cry?

The sexily muscled Ranveer Singh is always seen joking around wherever he goes. But little did we know that the star has a deeply sensitive side too. In a recent interview, the Gunday actor said that he was moved to tears when he heard his girlfriend Deepika, talk about her depression.
Dippy was commended for coming out in the open and talking about her mental illness and how she coped up with it. Ranveer was all praises about his lady and said, "It takes a lot of mental and emotional fortitude to come out with something that has such a large (social) stigma attached to it. Deepika has won me over for life with the kind of strength and courage she has. It's incredible." There were some people who went ahead and said that Ranveer was the cause of Deepika's depression and that angered the actor to no end. The Dil Dhadakne Do hero is very protective about his girlfriend even though neither of them have openly acknowledged their relationship till date. But we have to say that Dippy is a very lucky girl to have the perfect boyfriend in Ranveer.

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