Nikitha's Suicide Attempt

South sensation Nikitha attempted to commit suicide by swallowing sleeping pills recently at her residence in Mumbai. The actress was disturbed by the controversy surrounding actor Darsan's wife Vijayalakshmi's allegations against her. Nikitha and Darshan were the hot topic of discussion in the industry. Vijaylakshmi filed a complaint against the sultry actress stating that her marital life was ruined because of Nikitha. She claims that her married life and life at home has become horrible. Nikitha claim to fame was her role in Sanadalwood after Maharaja in 2005. She was cast opposite Darshan in the film which later led to a link-up between the two. All this didn't go down too well with Darsan's wife Vijayalakshmi who had earlier lodged a complaint against her and husband Darshan. She has now withdrawn the case. Nikitha who made her debut in Fazil's 'Kaiyethum Dhoorath' in 2002, is still recuperating in hospital. Sources say that she is out of danger.

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