Neetu Chandra greatful to her mom!

South superstar Neetu Chandra says had it not been for her mother, life would have been tough for her.

‘I owe my success to my mother, without her the world would shut down on me. I'm planning to pamper her and some of girl friends on this day. I think it takes a lot to be a woman and we are the backbone of our families, workplace and society.’ Neetu said.

When asked "Do you believe in Women's Day?"

‘It's great that we have a day earmarked to celebrate womanhood, but at the same time I feel we should celebrate womanhood throughout the year. Women have come a long way in our country, and today parents are as proud of their daughters,’ she added.

Neetu, was currently excited for her negative role in Tamil action-thriller ‘Aadhi-Bhagawan’ and she was appreciated for her work by audience.

She is also waiting for the release of upcoming Tamil comedy ‘Settai’, in which she has grooved to a promotional song.

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