Naseeruddin returns to small screen

Naseeruddin Shah will be seen soon on the small screen. He will feature in the new show Nazar Ya Nazariya, which is based on the real life stories of visually challenged achievers in the nation.
The actor will introduce the show and sign off each episode. Apart from Naseer, Harsha Chhaya will host the show. The 13 part TV series is launched by Score Foundation and will be aired on Doordarshan from September 21.

Naseeruddin says, "When I did Sparsh in the early 1980s, I had the opportunity of interacting with several visually impaired individuals. I realised that the problem is not with the nazar it is with the nazariya. What is important here is that people like you and me need to break away from the societal stereotypes and commonly held perceptions about disability and success or happiness. This is the main message that we are trying to drive through this television series and we hope that we are able to achieve this goal by reaching out to more and more people of this country."

The TV series is funded by Sightsavers International, an international charity organisation, Tech Mahindra Foundation and Union Bank of India.

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