Nargis: Varun and I share a special bond!

Biscoot B-Now recently caught up with the sensuous star Nargis Fakhri, who is all set to wow with her new release Main Tera Hero. The actress talked about her experience working with her co-stars Ileana and Varun, performing actions stunts and takes on our rapid fire questions! Take a look:

1.Tell us about your experience while shooting for Main Tera Hero?
Nargis: I had a fun time shooting. I think the energy on the set was fantastic. Even though everyone was focused and working hard on set, there was an ease and positivity that was very reassuring. I was very nervous at the start but as the shoot progressed, I ended up feeling free and very happy. I would wake up everyday excited to go to the set.

2.We heard that you share a special bond with Varun off screen as well...
Nargis: I would like to think I do. There is something very special about him - how he makes everyone so at ease in his presence, how he treats everyone with affection and attention. I would be happy to be able to call him a real friend one day. As of now, we have built a close bond, especially during promotions. He has been really supportive and very helpful so I believe that he actually cares.

3.You are playing the character of a rich and spoilt brat in the film. Are there any similarities between your reel and real life?
Nargis: (Laughs) No not at all. I can't understand or relate to Aeysha's (my character's) life as I grew up in quite the opposite environment. But it was fun to play her character as I got a chance to experience a different kind of life, which is one of the perks of being an actor. I'll say I felt a tinge of envy with Aeysha's character (smiles) because even though she is a fictional character, I'm sure there are those who've lived that life. It's nice to be so loved and pampered.

4.After Rockstar and Madras Cafe, how does it feel to be a part of a multi-starrer ?
Nargis: Oh my gosh, I actually enjoyed it so much! I loved the feeling of working with so many different people, so many talented actors under one roof ... It's a blessing!

5.Were you scared of doing action stunts in the film?
Nargis: I was scared, but I took the plunge and did it. (Winks)

6.Any catfights with your co-star Ileana during the shooting of the film?
Nargis: No, none at all. She has been really lovely to me... I keep saying how blessed I am and it's true! God really has been on my side.

7.Your future projects...
Nargis: I'm amidst shooting for an international project, can't say much about it but I've gotta say, I am really enjoying it. As for Bollywood, I'll be having meetings and reading scripts to lock in my next. A few conversations are underway. When something's signed and sealed, I'll tell you about them. So things are going just the way I hoped it would.

8.Do you believe that missing out on Shaukeen will prove harmful for your Bollywood career?
Nargis: Honestly, everything in life happens for a reason. I'm sure doing Shaukeen would've been a great step up for me but maybe not doing it also has a reason. In time, I'm sure we'll all know. Also, I'm sure I will get another chance at that and hopefully will get to work with Abhishek and the whole team. I absolutely LOVE working in Hindi Cinema, but sometimes certain opportunities come your way which force you to make a choice. So I did. It doesn't mean that I'm giving another industry preference over Bollywood. It just means that something exciting, almost seeming like those that happen once in a lifetime, came my way in a language that is my own and I decided to take it up. I also know that I am a person who needs more adventure and variety in life and I want to experience and explore everything before I die. I will always do my best and I'm still focusing on my Hindi and dance and everything necessary to continue to become a better actress in Bollywood.

Quick 5:

Q.Who do you think is your competition in Bollywood?
N. I don't want to sound pompous but I don't feel I have competition. I'm like a special case. (in more ways than one...laughs) I have to go at my own pace. I came into Bollywood like a new born child and it takes time to grow. So if anyone else face the same circumstances, then maybe they would be my competition.

Q.Describe in one word: Varun and Ileana as co-stars

N. Fabulous

Q.Which is your favourite holiday destination?

N. New Zealand and Greek Islands

Q. Which actress would you gift a bikini from your wardrobe?
N. (Thinks) No one, because that's kinda someone your bikini!

Q.Your favourite co-star: John, Varun or Ranbir?
N. All of the above, because all are so different and have something special about them. Although, Varun has been the most affectionate and easy to talk to.

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