Meet Shah Rukh the goat!

The King Khan has always been an inspiration for many. After Aamir Khan named his dog Shahrukh, now a goat is going to be named after the super star in National Award winning filmmaker Janaki Vishwanathan's Bakrapur! The director of the film Janaki says, "It's a comic satire about a small boy and his goat."

She further explains, "There is a tendency in rural India to name pets after superstars. We had a massive goat hunt in villages, where we checked out almost 400 bakras in markets before zeroing in on one which was called 'Shah Rukh'! There were goats named after Salman Khan too there, but Shah Rukh was a special goat who was the most handsome amongst all! Besides, Shah Rukh means 'face of the emperor', which is why we chose it."

This isn’t the first time that a filmmaker has referred to Shahrukh in their film. Earlier, Makarand Deshpande paid an ode to him in a film titled Shahrukh Bola 'Khoobsurat Hai Tu'.

This time Janaki will be doing the same, but of course in a completely different way.

We wonder what Shahrukh has to say about all of this. However, Janaki isn’t worried about offending the superstar. She says, "I believe he is a good sport with a quirky sense of humour. He even cracks self-deprecating jokes and nowhere does this film project him in a derogatory manner."

Well let’s hope Shahrukh takes the ‘Maaiihhnn-Maaiihhnn’ jokes sportingly.

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