Meet Imara Malik Khan!

A few days back Imran Khan welcomed a baby girl in his family. And now it is reported that the actor has named his daughter Imara. Reportedly, it's Imran's wife Avantika, who found the name for their little angel. The baby girl will keep the surnames of both her parents and hence will be called as, Imara Malik Khan.

Talking about the same Imran says, "Imara means strong and resolute. I was a little hesitant about the name as it sounded like Imran and came off a little egocentric, but then we came to a point where we didn't like any other name and hence went forward with it."

He also added saying, "It feels different the second you see the baby. I just looked at Imara and I crumbled and fell. Had it been a boy, somewhere, I think I would've been okay. I looked at her and thought, 'My life is over now. All my life, I will be on my knees and running after her'."

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