Meera in 'Pakeezah' remake

Pakistani actress Meera, who made her Bollywood debut in Mahesh Bhatt's 'Nazar' will step into the shoes of legendary Meena Kumari for the 'Pakeezah' remake.

The film was first made in 1972 by late director Kamal Amrohi and now his son Tajdar Amrohi is producing the remake.

"It is a divine feeling. I cannot define it in words," Meera said in a statment. 

"I simply loved Meena Kumariji in the film. It has always played again and again in my mind. I came to India with the dream of wanting to essay the same immortal role some day. And when Tajdar saab gave the nod, I was simply too overwhelmed," she added.

The movie is still in conception stage, said Tajdar and added: "Meera had spoken to me about 'Pakeezah' about three-and-half years ago. She is very passionate about doing it. She is like a little child with a dream, so I gave her the nod. 

"It is

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