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Mahira's cute Raees T-shirt is the best way to promote the film

A few days back we saw Shah Rukh Khan meeting with MNS leader Raj Thackeray to assure him that the actress Mahira Khan in the former's film Raees will not promote it before release. Mahira is a Pakistani actress and hence due to the current tensed situation between the countries is banned to work in any Indian films. Seeing that she had shot for Raees before this decree, the movie has not faced any trouble. But just recently we saw the pretty Mahira promote her film in the most subtle way possible. The starlet posted a picture on her Twitter account where she is seen wearing a white T-shirt with the words 'Battery Saala' printed on it. The phrase is the same one that she uses in a scene with SRK in the trailer of the film and has gotten a lot of popularity. We wonder if Mahira's intention of sharing this post was deliberate or did she just do it for the fun. Whatever the reason is, we hope that MNS doesn't create any issues for Raees's release over it.

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