Mahie the new Mona Darling of B-town

After garnering a lot of positive response for her alcoholic character in the film 'Saheb Biwi Aur Gangster Returns', Mahie Gill has a surprise for her audience. She will be seen in the remake of 'Zanjeer'.
Mahie will portray Mona Darling’s character in this remake. In the original 1973 'Zanjeer', this character was played by Bindu. For this role, Mahie has undergone a makeover. Mahie's look in this film is very bold and outgoing. Fashion designer Pria Kataaria Puri designed her costumes as well as did the styling for the role.
Pria Kataaria said, "She is truly a sensuous and glamorous diva. Not only her costumes, I also coaxed her to change her hair color to give her a bold look. I also gave attention to minute details about her from her style of walking to her hand movements. I took this up as a personal challenge."
And Pria also convinced her to don a two piece swimsuit for this film.
"Mahie is one of those actresses who had not been experimental with her looks so far. Everybody is so used to seeing her in traditional wear, so to convince her to wear a bikini was a tough job," adds Pria.

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